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Different countries have different power ratings and speed limits for electric bicycles. Because the mid-mounted motor has more advantages, lighter weight and higher energy efficiency than in-wheel motors or various old products, it is adopted by most manufacturers.

Carbon Fiber Electric Bikes

1. The resistance of the central motor is small and the rolling resistance is low

The hub motor is generally a brushless motor, which affects the speed by controlling the size of the current, and has a simple structure. However, due to the influence of traditional structure, rotational friction, motor heat accumulation, etc., the energy efficiency of the motor is low.

The mid-mounted motor is a power directly acting on the central axle, and requires the cooperation of clutches, transmission shafts, differentials and other components, and the output kinetic energy acts on the crankset to assist the rider to pedal. The motor is only responsible for direct mechanical transmission, and only acts on the force-applying part of the vehicle's stepping, and its electric energy-kinetic energy conversion rate is generally above 80%.

2. There are many speed change conditions for the mid-mounted motor, and the torque is larger

The mid-mounted motor is a combination mechanism of internal speed change gears. Multiple clutch gears are used to form a speed change ratchet inside the motor housing, so that its output torque is increased, and the load and climbing power are higher. Moreover, its torque sensing is also more sensitive. The change in the pedaling force of the crank will directly act on the central axis, and the acceleration will be faster.

carbon fiber electric mountain bike

3. The central motor makes the distribution of the center of gravity of the vehicle reasonable

As the name suggests, the motor is located in the middle of the frame, so the center of gravity of the vehicle is still in the middle, which will not affect the balance of the vehicle under fast driving, and there is no need to arrange additional battery weight to counterbalance the weight. Therefore, most new models on the market today will Place or even hide the battery in the down tube of the frame.

4. There are fewer connection lines for the central motor, and the accessories are more streamlined

Integration, integration, and integration are the advantages of mid-mounted motors. All sensors are integrated in the center box, only one wire extends out to connect to the controller on the handlebar, and even the battery connection is a hidden way of internal wiring and contacts. This simplified integrated design makes the A car with a central motor is more convenient to maintain, has a simpler appearance, and is more convenient for users to use.


5. The dustproof and waterproof performance of the central motor is stronger, and the failure rate is low

Generally, the box with the central motor has a very high defense, and can generally reach the protection level of IP65 or above. When the motor is running, it can completely resist the intrusion of foreign objects and dust, as well as the low-pressure water jet at any angle.

Post time: Jun-29-2022