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Home Power Storage Battery

Short Description:

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery, with excellent safety, long cycle life, high reliability, wide operating temperature range, etc.;

2. Modular design, convenient for system installation, maintenance and system expansion and upgrade;

3. Comprehensive alarm protection function (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature);

4. Concentrated LED lights indicate the operation status at a glance;

5. With RS485/CAN communication interface, it can communicate well with host computer, inverter and other equipment;

6. It has a balancing function, which can self-balance each battery cell during operation to ensure long-term reliable operation of the battery system;

7. The battery system has a dormant state. When the battery system is in standby (no work, no access to external devices) exceeding the set time, it enters the dormant state to reduce the power consumption of the battery itself.

8. The energy storage system that can be quickly stacked and installed and can be easily carried and used flexibly solves the problem that the energy storage system requires professional installation and is inconvenient to install.

Product Detail

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Solar Panel Battery Storage

Modular design, which can be achieved by simple stacking. Up to 15 batteries can be connected in parallel to reach a capacity of 75Kwh, which is very suitable for home use. According to different energy power design modules, 10KwH, 20KwH, 30KwH, 40KwH, 50KwH, 60KwH, 70KwH, 75KwH energy storage systems can be customized.


Because of their flexibility and expandable capacity, floor-standing stacked batteries are widely used in photovoltaic input, electronic products, Small electrical appliances, Home Energy Storage, Backup Power for Data Centers, Communication Base Station Power Supply, and mains input.

Power Storage Batteries For Home
solar home energy storage system

Off-grid power supply

Use the power released by stackable batteries at night to save electricity bills during peak hours. When there is a power failure, the stackable energy storage battery will detect and automatically switch to the power supply mode, making life more convenien

Home energy storage battery is compatible with most inverters, supports customization, and can be purchased confidently.

home use solar power energy storage system

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