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Electric bicycles can usually be ridden more and more frequently than ordinary bicycles, but no one will refuse to go further! So how do you get the most out of the eletric bikes battery and motor?

1. Power Mode

For example, the Bafang mid-mounted motor system usually has 5 gears for the driver to choose. Except for the long and difficult steep slopes, it is inevitable to turn on the strong assist mode. Generally, the 2-3rd gear can handle more than 70% of the road conditions; the output power is automatically adjusted according to the current state. , Selecting the appropriate power assist mode during riding can help you save a lot of power.

2. Multiple shift gears

Don’t just operate the power button when you can’t step on it. First get your gears adjusted. It’s still a primarily human powered bike after all.

3. Suspension

Suspension with a long travel will make you more strenuous. Considering the extra weight of an electric bicycle, we recommend that you use higher air pressure on your front and rear shocks than on a normal suspension bike.

4. Tires

Light tires sound tempting, and logically, don’t go for it. To avoid frequent sidewall punctures, higher tire pressures and heavy duty tires are required. To avoid frequent sidewall punctures, higher tire pressures and heavy duty tires are required.

Bicycle tire

5. Brakes

Just like the tires, don’t skimp on the brakes. The motor is essential on the Electric Hybrid Bike to keep all the extra weight in check.

6. Chains and idlers

A clean, well-lubricated, free-rolling chain runs with much less resistance than a poorly maintained chain. And the motor puts a lot of stress on the drivetrain, especially when shifting uphill. So make sure to check for wear regularly and keep it well lubricated.

bicycle derailleur

7. Climb

Remember to change gears before using the power button. Again, high tempo is the key here. Shift down through the flywheel, maintain a high cadence, and let the motor work.

Post time: Jun-22-2022