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There are various types of electric bikes on the market, with different motors and compatible batteries. But no matter which one you ride, it has its own theoretical maximum riding distance.

Electric assist differs from regular bicycles in two ways, weight and power. The weight of electric bicycle increases by 5-7kg depending on the motor and battery.

Any component has a service life, and you can prolong the service life by purchasing specific versions of spare parts through regular channels.

Chain: Electric bike-specific chains have thicker side plates and stronger chain pins to match the stronger torque of electric bicycles, and they have a longer service life than ordinary bicycle inner chains.

Tires: Electric bicycle tires are different from regular bicycle tires in two ways. First, the rubber material is usually harder than regular models, which makes them last longer and be less prone to wear and tear.

Brake pads/brake pads: Not all companies that produce pads produce electric power assist products, such as Shimano does not produce, if you want to try more durable products, please try electric bike special products, which have stronger wear resistance and more good thermal management.

Of course, the frequency of your maintenance depends on the condition of use. Generally speaking, some maintenance instructions are worn out, and some maintenance instructions are damaged. In comparison, maintenance is always cheaper and safer. Be wary of abnormal noises and strange rides It feels like cleaning your bike regularly can be an effective way to turn a simple problem into an expensive repair problem, and, moreover, there’s a good opportunity for inspection when you wash your bike.


How to clean an electric bicycle?

Just like a normal bicycle, a clean electric bike will show less wear than a dirty one, especially on the drivetrain. Cleaning your bike is also an inspection process, and it’s easy to spot worn seat rings, loose spokes, and other signs of damage.

Pay close attention to the connecting parts of the tire and motor system. Additional tears, cuts, loose cables and exposed cables on the tires mean enough damage to your safety that you need to go to the car shop in time for repairs.

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Post time: Dec-02-2022