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“Electric bicycle” is an organic combination of pedaling + motor, the pedaling torque is the main force, and the motor torque is supplemented. It should be noted that electric bicycles that are common in life can move forward only by turning the handle, while electric bicycles can ride by turning off the motor, but they will not move forward when they stop pedaling.

electric city bike:

Designed for urban commuting, commuter electric bikes are characterized by the lightest possible weight. It will be thin and thin without compromising rigidity and durability, keep the weight light, combined with a small amount of elasticity to reduce the vibration effect, making the ride more comfortable during commuting.

commuter electric bikes

Electric hybrid bike:

The hottest of all road bike types, and designed for speed, the Electric hybrid bike  is primarily concerned with reducing wind resistance. So using an advanced aerodynamic frame in the design can make riding faster.

Electric hybrid bike

off road electric bike:

Off road electric bikes are designed for comfort, and the most obvious feeling is comfort and durability. The overall riding position of this type of bike is relatively comfortable, and it is relatively easy to control for beginners.

Summary: It is not difficult to choose an electric road bike that suits you. In pursuit of fast speed, electric mountain bike is the best choice; if you often ride uphill, a lightweight bike is the best choice; you must ride long distances with your cyclists. For comfort, off road electric bike is the best choice.

off road electric bike

How to choose electric mountian bike

1. Determine your own goal, whether it is competition-oriented or leisure riding. If it is a competition-oriented car, you should choose a smaller frame as much as possible. Generally, it is best for riders to choose the size that suits them. The cushion-handle drop is about 5 cm. about.

2. Determine the size of the frame, the length of the seat tube and the length of the top tube, and the above tube lengths are the priority.

3. Smaller riders are recommended to use small handlebars, which can be easily held to the lower handle. The lower grip position is less likely to bounce off when entering uneven surfaces.

Post time: Nov-02-2022