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To enjoy the fun of riding in commuting and leisure sports, healthy and environmentally friendly electric bicycles are becoming the preferred choice for people to travel. Before we really decide to buy electric bicycles, what should we know? How to choose the right motor system for your riding?

electric city bike

Motor Type
Common electric assist systems are divided into mid-mounted motors and in-wheel motors according to the position of the motor.
In electric mountain bikes, the layout of the central motor with a lower center of gravity is usually used to obtain a centered and reasonable weight distribution, which will not affect the balance of the vehicle under fast driving, so as to obtain good handling.
On the city commuter car, the road conditions are not as complicated as in the mountains and forests, and the climbing demand will not be so great, so the rear hub motor is equally effective. This is also one of the important factors for the selection of the in-wheel motor system for the international big-name China Electric Power-assisted road bike.

electric road bike

Electric-assisted mountain bikes require motors with higher torque output, and torque sensors are usually used to accurately detect pedal torque, so as to understand the rider's intentions, and even in the state of low cadence, it can be easier on steep and complex off-road climbing. rise.
Instrument Selection
The high-definition color display can clearly display the motor-related data, including the percentage of remaining battery power, riding distance, altitude, sports mode and current speed and other rich information, which can meet our daily outings and leisure riding.
Battery Capacity
The largest proportion of the weight of an electric bicycle is undoubtedly the battery. The battery has experienced a rough and savage plug-in and slowly transitioned to a restrained and concise embedded direction. The battery embedded in the down tube is a common installation method for electric assist. A further solution will completely hide the battery in the frame. The structure is stable and the appearance is more concise and clean, while reducing the weight of the vehicle.
Long-distance vehicles require longer battery life, while full-suspension mountain bikes are more concerned with powerful power output. These require large-capacity battery support, but larger and heavier batteries will take up more space and require more energy. high frame strength,
Road, commuter, city and other models pursue a balance between performance and lightweight, and will not blindly increase the battery. 400Wh-500Wh is a common battery capacity, and the battery life can usually reach about 70-90 kilometers.
You already know the basics of motor, performance, battery capacity, instrumentation, etc., so you can choose a suitable electric bicycle according to your daily riding needs! What else do you want to know about electric assist?


mountain electric bike

Post time: Oct-12-2022