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30% Off! On sale! High quality electric bikes in LAS VEGAS Warehouse!



I don't know how you usually work? Walk, take the subway, take the bus, or drive by yourself? Buses and subways will definitely not work. They are too crowded and the station is still a long distance from the company. Walking is obviously unrealistic.

Our electric folding bike combines the advantages of a bicycle and an electric bicycle into one. It is as light as a bicycle, with the electric assistance of an electric cycle, faster than a bicycle, and lighter in weight than an electric bike, whether it is for daily work or going out to play. Riding is very suitable.

There are two types of TIKI electric mini floding bikesto choose from, and there are also a variety of sizes. The aluminum alloy frame is used, so it can be easily folded in three stages, whether the body, pedals or handlebars can be folded. After folding, the body is very small and easy to carry.

electric folding cycle
electric bike city folding

The MINI electric folding bike uses a built-in lithium battery cell, and a special protection lock is added to prevent theft, even the most skilled thief can't do it. Electric Mini Folding Bicycle has a high-definition LCD instrument on the left-hand grip, and we mainly switch modes through it. TIKI electric mini floding bicycle has three modes to choose from. The first mode is manual riding, that is, the electric The power-assisted bicycle has completely become a bicycle. Using this mode, you can enjoy the pleasure of cycling. Of course, due to the better shock absorption effect, it is much less laborious to ride than an ordinary bicycle.

The second mode is the full output of the motor, that is, turning the electric power-assisted bicycle into an electric vehicle. If there is an urgent matter, you can switch to this mode to save time and effort.

The third mode is motor power + manpower. When encountering an uphill, you can switch to this mode, which can make the uphill easier and increase the riding speed. The experience is quite good.

TIKI foldable electric bike is an electric moped. In addition to the feeling of use, we are most concerned about the cruising range and the fastest speed. The fastest speed of this electric bike can reach 25 km/h. The purpose is to maximize the To ensure our travel safety. 

folding e-bike

In the pure electric mode, the cruising range of this ebike can reach 55 kilometers. If the motor power + human mode is adopted, the cruising range can reach about 80 kilometers, and there is no problem at all to and from get off work. In fact, compared to the pure electric mode, I still recommend that you use the motor power + human mode.

So on the whole, the Folding e-bikeis indeed a pretty good electric bike, which not only provides us with a more novel way of travel, but also the design of the details is more suitable for refreshing people. But if you prefer a green and convenient way to travel, electric bike folding bicycles is a wise choice.

commute electric folding bike

Post time: Jul-28-2022