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In the world of electric bikes, besides speed, motor power is probably the constant hot topic – and the main selling point as well. How much power an electric bicycle needs is determined by many factors such as the type of motor, the design orientation of the electric bicycle, and so on. Understanding this will also help us better understand manufacturers’ answers when discussing motor power.

Electric bike motor power: 250W-750W

The motor power of an electric bicycle is measured in watts, and in the United States, the motor power usually ranges between 250W-750W. You can find all kinds of motors, large and small, on many electric bikes, but most of their power ranges are in the middle of the above. Motor power generally increases and decreases with 50W as a step, such as 250W, 300W, 350W, 500W and 750W, these are common specifications.

commuter electric bike

When is 250W enough? What’s the difference between a mid motor and a hub motor? And the difference between rated power and maximum power?

High-power motors are very common, especially when purchasing cost-effective electric bikes.

But higher power doesn’t mean faster electric power assist. In fact, some of the most powerful electric bicycles I’ve tested only use 250W motors, it all depends on how you drive. There are two main types of electric bike motors: hub motors integrated into the rear or front hub, and mid-mounted motors located at the bottom bracket of the frame.

electric assist bicycle

Mid motor: 250W is enough

The mid-mounted motor can achieve higher output with less power because it is installed at the center shaft of the bicycle. The performance, torque and speed of the vehicle change according to the transmission gear. This feature makes the mid-mounted motor more suitable for those high-performance electric bicycles, such as commuter electric bikes, electric cargo bikes, and electric mountain bikes.

· Since the power is less, the battery capacity is smaller and lighter.

· Such performance and driving efficiency usually mean a higher selling price. Mid-mounted motors are usually found on electric bikes priced in the thousands of dollars.

· Manufacturers are better at tuning mid-mounted motors for special purposes, such as high-torque motors for electric cargo bikes and high-speed motors for commuter electric bikes.

Rated Power vs Maximum Power

Be sure to pay attention to whether the electric booster manufacturers advertise “maximum” power or “rated” power, because the two are completely different.

The rated power of a motor is the maximum power that can be output stably for a long time, and the maximum power is the power that the motor can burst out in a short period of time. Rated power is the more important parameter, and it truly reflects the output experience of the motor for most of the riding time.

But the maximum power is actually useful-it can let you know the maximum acceleration performance of this car, or the power output experience when climbing a steep slope, but it only takes a few seconds for the motor to reach the maximum output. More importantly, the motor heats up when the maximum power is output, which may burn the motor.

Mid motor electric bike

Post time: Dec-17-2022