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More and more people want to buy an electric bicycle, so what should we pay attention to before buying an electric bicycle?

1. Types of electric bicycles

Most electric city bikes can be called "all-round experts". They usually have fenders, together with lights, and sometime have brackets for shelves to carry extra items. Certainly, there are many professional electric mountain bikes, with special suspension frame and higher power motor, and some with two batteries for longer trips. Surely, there includes electric trikes, electric road bikes and electric scooters.

It can be said that the type of electric bicycle has covered every segment of traditional bicycles, and more innovative and interesting models have also been derived to meet the personalized travel needs of modern society.


electric mountain bike eu warehouse


2. Electric bicycle motor system

Middle Motor is a popular choice for electric bicycles, and they have a motor mounted between the cranks that provides power to the rear wheel when the rider pedals. The Middle Motor maintains sufficient stability and body balance as it reduces the weight of the motor and integrates it into the frame.

Rear Hub Motor is hot used as well, front hub motor is rarely seen but exist. The battery is usually mounted in the down tube, downside or upside for stability. Now, more and more e-bikes  hide the battery out of sight inside the frame,make it more waterproof and beauty.

e bicycle electric bike

More expensive models tend to have larger-capacity batteries for added range, with the option to plug in a second battery if you want to go further.

There's usually a control unit on the handlebars that's at your fingertips to choose the level of assistance and keep tabs on battery status while riding.


3. Battery life

If you plan to use your e-bike for riding outside the immediate vicinity, or don't have access to convenient charging. You'll need at least a 250Wh or more battery capacity for decent range.

Post time: Jun-22-2022