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Zhejiang Tianji Intelligent Technology co.,ltd.

TIKI’s headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Hangzhou, and cooperation branches in Changzhou and Wuxi. Hangzhou is China’s largest manufacturing city for high quality electric vehicles and kits. Due to the the location and industry advantages of location Hangzhou, TIKI focused on manufactures sophisticated mobility products, setting the highest standards in design, durability and sturdiness, and conforming to all inter-national standards and regulations. A singular vertical manufacturing system enables TIKI to optimize and tailor its production while maximizing cost-efficiency. A well integrated quality management system ensures excellent production standards, offering a variety of features to meet individual client needs.


Vision Mission

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TIKI’s R&D team has breath and depth of experience to develop and manufacture technologically advanced products for markets around the world.

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TIKI has pioneered efficient, reliable and affordable transportation technologies, a strong list of industry firsts